Office Visit


What to expect on your office visit

The visit is initiated by filling out forms and questionnaires selected according to patient’s needs and concerns. For more efficient information gathering we now offer new patients an email sent questionnaire forms which can be filled in prior to the appointment. For those without email access we can send the forms via regular mail. Questions regarding lifestyle, nutrition, stress factors, supplements taken are included. Medical records brought by the patient or sent from another clinic are reviewed at the same time and questions are asked if the information from medical records need any clarification.

After the information is reviewed some additional information might be asked if necessary. Written information gathering is followed by physical examination.

At the end of the visit recommendations are given regarding the specific problem(s) or advice on preventive issues.

Payment is expected at the end of the visit, when the patient receives the statement and receipt with the letter to insurance company requesting reimbursement for my visit, if applicable.

I like to spend more time on the initial visit to get to know my patient well, gather as much information as necessary  to work on solving the puzzle of health challenges as well as optimize patients wellbeing.

Why Ageless Life Solutions does not bill insurance companies

Ageless Life Solutions does not bill any insurance companies, but accepts all patients interested in our services and accepting our philosophy of practice.

The biggest expense for the insurance company are hospital bills, therefore the main objective for them is to keep the patients out of the hospital. Medical services that help to avoid hospitalization are covered, but not the ones focused on optimizing person's long term health.

Some of the services that we provide and recommend to maintain and improve health may not be covered by the insurance company.

The insurance company usually reimburses the doctor for an office visit or procedure when the patient comes being sick. Our philosophy is focused on intervention before subtle symptoms and suboptimal function of the body progresses into full blown disease. Some of the laboratory testing we recommend to evaluate overall health and needs is not disease based and the insurance companies might deny reimbursement for it.

By not billing insurance companies we are able to keep our overhead costs lower and translate this into lower fees for our patients. This approach offers us more time to be spent on keeping up with the latest medical information and finding better ways to provide health care to patients.

Office Visit

Office visits are by appointment only.

The following forms of payments are accepted:

  • Cash,
  • Check,
  • Debit Card,
  • Credit Card (Master Card/Visa).

I will provide a coded medical bill, and a copy of the clinical record if needed. This documentation should be submitted to the insurance company to obtain reimbursement for my services.

Office charges are based on face to face time spent with the patient. Additional charges may apply for tests and/or procedures.

Patients who have not been seen in my office for over three years since their last appointment and want to renew care or obtain new consultation will be charged new patient consultation fee.

Price List