Ideal Weight


Dr. Simon will design your personal program to achieve the ideal weight for you using and analyzing the information from the lifestyle questionnaire, blood tests results, history of your nutrition, exposures to variety of diets and foods and other pertinent information.

The key to accomplish the goal of the ideal weight is to understand your own metabolism, tune it up and follow your body’s natural capability to regulate the weight following basic principles of nutrigenomics, a science which explains how our foods influence genetic messages for our hormones and metabolism.

Dr. Simon will help you to assess your own particular situation finding your weaknesses or barriers that prevented you from achieving ideal weight in the past despite heroic efforts. If you are already on some type of program which is not working well, making subtle changes customized to your individual metabolism and personality could have a powerful effect on your success with weight regulation. You will be able to find your own key to achieve the goal of ideal weight and overall improvement of your general health.