Integrative Medicine


What is Integrative Medicine and how is it different from traditional medical care

Integrative medicine is a healing oriented approach which emphasizes the role of the physician-patient relationship. It focuses on less invasive, less toxic and less costly methods to facilitate health by integrating both allopathic /traditional/ and complementary therapies. Recommendations are given by a physician and choices are made by the patient based on understanding of the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects of the individual.

Integrative medicine is committed to scientific method and evidence based practice. It is focused to explore and facilitate the body’s natural potential for healing. Integrative Medicine is not synonymous with complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). CAM are modalities of treatments that are not part of conventional treatment protocols. Integrative Medicine incorporates the best CAM practices into comprehensive treatment plans.

In summary, the following attributes of the Integrative Medicine are distinguishing it from conventional medical practice:

  • relationship centered care
  • integration of conventional and complementary methods of treatment and prevention
  • activation of the body’s healing potential
  • less invasive interventions are used if possible
  • acknowledges body, mind and spirit are interrelated and inseparable entities

Ageless Life Solutions as an Integrative Medicine practice

In my practice I blend the conventional medical training with complementary medicine options with conscious effort to respect the interplay of mind, body and spirit, where the focus is on delivering integrative care that is responsive to your current needs and expectations.

Some of the therapies are out of the spectrum of the conventional medical practice, although they are being gradually accepted and adopted into the mainstream. You are informed if there is scientific evidence that suggests effectiveness and safety of recommended therapies. You may find that a number of traditional practices, and miscellaneous organizations might be opposed and critical of those complementary medicine modalities.

I try to select for my therapeutic repertoire choices that are most beneficial, safe and cost effective for you, however there is no guarantee that they will work in every case.

The main focus of my practice is integrative medicine consulting. My patients typically expect a consultation on their health related issues, although sometimes as they decide to continue use my services on regular basis, I might assume a position of their “primary care physician”.

At the current time I do not provide care in the hospital settings. My role involves communicating with your primary doctor, if applicable and facilitating an exchange of information that helps to coordinate care, enhances the therapy options, improves the quality of medical care and the outcomes. In order to assure the optimal care and safety I ask for patient permission to exchange medical record with other physicians and health care providers involved in the care.