Supplements ordering service:

I decided to offer to my patients a service, which gives them the ability to order their own supplements online from the same nutraceutical company I order for my office dispensary. This convenience gives access to 250 brands from the world’s top nutraceutical firms.

It saves time of calling me or sending e-mail, driving to the office or making an appointment just to get the supplements.

Helps you to avoid a surprise and disappointment if I do not carry the specific item you need at the very moment, since my office space is very limited.

It also gives me peace of mind that my patients are getting safe, effective high quality supplements.

The company which offers us this service is:

Emerson Ecologics, website

How does it work?

With Emerson Patient Ordering Service, patients can call, fax or place their orders online for delivery within three business days. The number is 800-654-4432 for customer service, you need to provide my name, address then an account will be set up for you with your own access code.

Orders received before 6:30 pm EST will be shipped directly to the patient on the same day. Shipping fee for orders below $40 is $6.50 and for orders above $40 will be $9.00.

The discount I transfer to my patients with this arrangement is 10% off the retail price from Emerson Ecologics.

If you are interested to continue ordering through me and picking the supplements from my office, while benefiting from up to 10-15% discount I offer in the office, this option will be still available. There are some companies I currently order from, that are not available (yet) from Emerson Ecologics, such as Standard Process, Thorne Research, Biotics Research and few more. For patients who benefit from those supplements taken upon my recommendations, I will still supply them as long as they need it through my office dispensary.

The website of Emerson Ecologics is very rich in content and well designed. All information is at the fingertips. In case you may have questions and problems with your initial orders, I will be happy to show when you come to my office or you can also contact the customer service of Emerson Ecologics to walk you through this process. While helping to provide quality supplements, my goal remains to guide my patients and educate them through the process for healing. I want to be able to monitor my patient’s supplements intake and assist them in making the right choices.

This means that expect follow up visits. The frequency of the visit will depend on the state of health and progress with nutrition and supplements program. I am responsible for your progress, so I want to make sure I could suggest to change supplements, stop them, switch to different brands, alternate different forms, flavors, potencies, choose different brands for cost savings, make sure the healthy whole foods remain in the program, supervise the while process for your maximum benefit. I also like to remind that supplements are meant to “supplement” the diet, which is the core of healing.